The Law Offices of Michael A. Hearn have specialized in protecting property owners since 1982. For over 30 years, our firm has represented property owners who have sustained damage to their homes, businesses or real estate investment properties. Damages have resulted from myriad reasons such as faulty construction, improperly constructed repairs, leaking water lines resulting in landslides or fire damage caused by negligence.

The firm has represented over 300 multi-family projects, which equates to tens of thousands of living units, thousands of custom and single-family residences, numerous apartment complexes, commercial buildings and more than ten high rises. The firm prides itself on providing superior representation to all of our clients through our dedicated experience, expertise and technology.

Mission Statement

Our firm strives to place the client’s best interest absolutely first. Our goal is to first try to avoid litigation through early negotiations but should those fail, we will use our extensive experience, knowledge and experts to assure our client of the best possible results.